Editor-in-Chief: HONGSANAN S, PhD, Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Microbial Genetic Engineering, College of Life Sciences and Oceanography, Shenzhen University, Shenzhen, People's Republic of China

Managing Editor: SAKSOONG M, BA, Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand


Senior Associate Editors

  • BOONMEE S, Researcher, Center of Excellence in Fungal Research, Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand – Taxonomy, ascomycetes
  • CASTAÑEDA RF, Professor, Instituto de Investigaciones Fundamentales en Agricultura Tropical, Cuba – Hyphomycetes
  • DAI DQ, Center for Yunnan Plateau Biological Resources Protection & Utilization, Qujing Normal University, Qujing, Yunnan, China – Ascomycetes
  • Jayawardena RS, Center of Excellence in Fungal Research, Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai, Thailand - Plant pathology and fungal identification
  • LIU XZ, Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China – Biotechnology
  • LUMYONG S, Professor, Chiang Mai University, Thailand – Biotechnology
  • MAHARACHCHIKUMBURA SSN, PhD, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman – Ascomycete taxonomy and phylogeny
  • MCKENZIE E, PhD, Senior Plant Pathologist, LandCare Research, New Zealand – Rust, smuts and plant pathogens
  • PHOOKAMSAK R, Kunming Institute of Botany, Kunming China – Phylogeny
  • KARUNARATHNA SC, PhD, Mycologist, Kunming Institute of Botany – Chinese Academy of Sciences, 132 Lanhei Rd, Heilongtan, Kunming, China - Taxonomy and phylogeny of basidiomycetes 
  • VENKATESWARA S, Department of Biotechnology, School of Life Sciences, Pondicherry University, R.V. Nagar, Kalapet, Pondicherry, India - Fungal Biotechnology
  • WIJAYAWARDENE N, Center for Yunnan Plateau Biological Resources Protection and Utilization, College of Biological Resource and Food Engineering, Qujing Normal University, Qujing, Yunnan, China – Nomenclature
  • YAN JY, Beijing Academy of Agriculture & Forestry, Beijing, China – Plant pathology, gene function


Associate Editors 

  • BHAT J, Professor, Gou University, India – Asexual fungi
  • CHEEWANGKOON R, Dept Agriculture, Chiang Mai University, Thailand – Plant Pathology
  • CHEN J, PhD, Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico – Basidiomycetes
  • DELA-CRUZ TEE, Professor, University of Santo Tomas, Philippines – Myxomycetes and Fungal Ecology
  • Chethana T, PhD, Center of Excellence in Fungal Research, Mae Fah Luang University, Chiang Rai, Thailand - Fungal molecular
  • DUONG ML, PhD, Hanoi University of Education, Vietnam – Biotechnology
  • FRYAR S, PhD, Flinders University, Australia – Freshwater fungi
  • HENG G, PhD, Kunming Institute of Botany, Heilongtan, Kunming, China - Fungal ecology
  • HATTORI T, PhD, Microbial Ecology Lab, Japan – Polypores
  • HSIEH SY, PhD, Food Industry and Research Development Institute, Taiwan – Ascomycete taxonomy
  • KODSUEB R, PhD, Pibulsonkram Rajabhat University, Thailand – Biotechnology
  • KUMAR S, Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeobotany, Lucknow, India – Fossil fungi
  • LLARENA HERNANDEZ CL, Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico – Mushroom growing
  • PAPIZADEH M, Iranian Biological Resource Center (IBRC), Tehran, Iran – Soil fungi
  • SABARATNAM V, PhD, University of Malaya, Malaysia – Medicinal mushrooms
  • SOYTONG K, Associate Professor, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), Thailand – Agriculture biotechnology
  • WEERAKOON G, National Institute of Fundamental Studies, Kandy, Sri Lanka - Lichens
  • WEN TC, PhD, Associate Professor, Guizhou University, China – Environmental and medicinal mycology
  • ZHANG H, Kunming University of Science & Technology, Kunming, China – Freshwater fungi

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